NYC Lasik Surgery

Friday, June 5, 2009

NYC Lasik Surgery

LASIK is yet another improved refractive laser eye surgery in the field of ophthalmology.
LASIK, the acronym for Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis is a surgical procedure which helps a person to completely get rid or reduce his/her dependency on glasses or contact lenses. Lasik eye surgery in New York has gained popularity and people have started to think about having this surgery. Once decided to undergo this surgery, first it is important to choose a best surgeon and become clear of the surgical procedure and the end result.

When taking about Lasik eye surgery in New York City, as a patient you must be aware of certain facts and figures about LASIK. Also you should get a prompt reply from the surgeon or the specialist who examines your eyes in any of Lasik surgery New York centre. This cornea reshaping surgery requires perfect planning and counseling. Before undergoing a Lasik Surgery in New York you have to be sure of the following points.

Refractive Eye Surgery
A Consumer's Complete Guide: LASIK, IntraLASIK, Epi-LASIK, CK, Implantable Contact Lenses, and Other Surgical Eye Procedures ... Dependence on Glasses and Contact Lenses

•How the surgery is performed?
As a patient you have to be clear in the pre and post surgical process. Understanding the process will help you maintain your calmness during the process.

•During initial diagnosis, ask the specialist who examines you about the nature of your eyes and check whether you have passed all the criteria for LASIK.

•Check with the specialist or review all current LASIK lasers used in Lasik Eye Surgery in New York and find out which laser suits you the best.

Other than the above mentioned, the below mentioned reasons make you think twice before having a surgery or even restrict you from undergoing Lasik Eye Surgery in New York City.

Corrected and improved vision is not guaranteed after the Lasik surgery, but this surgery has risks of its own kind.
When you are employed in some jobs or if you are serving in military force, you have to check with them before undergoing this surgery as many of these jobs prohibit refractive surgeries.
If you are under 18, as per the law you cannot undergo this medical surgery.
If you have refractive instability or if you are in your early 20s, it poses additional risk to the surgical process.
Finally, if you are affected with any immunodeficiency states, diabetes or autoimmune diseases you are not a person for LASIK.